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How we use A.I. to improve security systems

In the past few years, A.I. has been at the forefront of technology. Everything from cars to buildings has been outfitted with an A.I. of some sort, improving usability and making the lives of those who use it more manageable. Here at Alpha Video Surveillance, we...

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Top 3 Actions To Keep Your Business Open

The unfortunate truth is COVID-19 cases have been on the rise after the attempted reopening of many states. Arizona just rolled back into phase one of reopening to prevent the spread of COVID 19 cases any further. States like...

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Thermal Screening Solutions In The Work Place

As the country begins to get back into business, many precautions have gone into implementation to make sure the spread of Covid-19 and other viral diseases are prevented. The CDC has extended social distancing procedures and...

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Fever Screenings: Tech Vs. COVID-19

FOCUSING ON FEVER: WHY ARE THERMAL CAMERAS ON THE RISE? As you know, we are living in difficult times. While we are still recovering from the impact of COVID-19 on our cities, health, and economy, we must begin to realize our new...

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